Advanced Anti-Age therapies
Anti-wrinkle program. (peeling+serum+mask) 90 min 62.50€
Cosmoceutical procedures
Regenerating face program with collagen (peeling+serum+mask) 80 min. 56.50€
Therapies which guarantee excellent skin condition
Face skin moisturizing therapy with hyaluron. (peeling+serum+massage+mask 70 min. 51.00€
Energizing treatment for men 90 min. 51.00€
Express face treatment
Express face therapies according to the skin type.
45 min. 38.00€
Face massage acoording to the skin type 30 min. 23.50€
KOBIDO facial treatment
Japanese facial massage KOBIDO 75 min. 35.00€
Japanese facial massage KOBIDO + facial mask 90 min. 45.00€